Rob Severe


Account Executive
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Rob Severe is a powerful business driver with over twenty years in the Real Estate and Title Industry. Rob has developed a reputation for creative business strategies, enhancing new business models, educating and helping Real Estate agents professionally, all while making sure his clients dreams become reality. Rob has surrounded himself with an amazing team of professionals who along with his leadership, vision and ability to nurture relationships, lead to long-term solutions and success.

Having worked in high liability, farm & ranch, luxury, new development and daily real estate resale, his education and knowledge of the industry is vast and highly sought after by many. Clients reach out to Rob to embraces his core values of integrity, innovation, character, professionalism, growth and his distinguished passion for business. Rob focuses on collaborative team-building, his commitment to meeting and exceeding customer and market demands all while providing an unforgettable professional business experience. Rob has a contagious enthusiasm for the business along with his passion for life, which encourage his clients to set attainable goals where he motivates people to deliver.

The Value of a Partnership

We work to build meaningful relationships with our customers, and function as a highly engaged extension of their business. Our end goal is to make property ownership a smooth, rewarding, and empowering experience.

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